Dead Space 3: So bright you have to wear shades?

dead space 2 review sprawlIt’s no surprise that Electronic Arts may be developing another Dead Space game (given the success of the first two installments), but some new rumors regarding the plot of Dead Space 3 offer an interesting twist on the series’ tone.

Before you continue, it’s probably worth noting that some of this could sit square in the middle of spoiler territory (if any of it proves true), so read on at your own peril.

According to Siliconera, who claims to have received details about the Dead Space 3 plot from someone inside EA, the third chapter in the franchise finds main character Isaac Clarke stuck on a snow-covered planet after a crash. Instead of the dark, claustrophobic tone of his previous adventures, Dead Space 3 will have Isaac battling all manner of beasts in whiteout-like conditions that allow enemies to hide in the light rather than the shadows.

The site also reports the return of Ellie, a character from the original Dead Space, as well as a new, tech-savvy character named Jennifer. The game will also – allegedly — introduce a new type of monster for Isaac to fight, referred to as “the hive mind.”

You can read all of the unofficial, unconfirmed details of the early moments of Dead Space 3 at the site, though it’s worth noting that EA has yet to confirm that Dead Space 3 is even being developed at this point – so take everything with a grain of salt for now.