‘Deep Down’ Prologue trailer features a big, ugly monster of some sort

deep prologue trailer features big monster sort down

Capcom’s PlayStation 4-exclusive “kill things in dark places” game, Deep Down, has a new “Prologue” trailer that seems to be all about showing off a fight against an unidentifiable, insect-like monster. Talons for feet, hard outer shell, roughly the size of a modest suburban home. Definitely not friendly to the four armored warriors jabbing it with magic and pointy things. There’s a real Dark Souls With Friends vibe to the look and feel of the action, which is in keeping with what we know of Deep Down.

The game was first announced at Sony’s PlayStation 4 reveal with little more than a proof of concept trailer, but much more has emerged since then. The setting is New York City, in the year 2094. Players interact with monuments and other artifacts from the past in order to read and relive the memories contained within. This provides the framework for up to three players to carve their way through Deep Down‘s randomly generated maps. Presumably, there’s treasure as well. Producer Yoshinori Ono revealed all of this at Sony’s September 2013 press conference in Japan (via Facebook).

Capcom confirmed soon after at Tokyo Game Show that the game will go with a free-to-play approach, with a beta to launch in Japan around February 2014 (via Eurogamer). Make sure you watch the TGS 2013 trailer. It’s magical. Just let it wash over you. The new trailer isn’t quite as masterful, but aren’t you curious now about the unidentifiable beast?