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‘Forsaken’ looks to reinvent your ‘Destiny 2’ experience on September 4

Destiny 2‘s next expansion, Forsaken, arrives September 4, Bungie announced during its reveal stream.

Forsaken‘s story takes place at The Tangled Shore, a locale along the asteroid-laden reef. Since The Tangled Shore isn’t located on a planet like most Destiny missions, it’s populated with a new species of enemy called the Scorn. Your mission is to hunt down and kill seven Fallen barons. Bungie is saving the storyline reveal for E3 next week.

As far as gameplay changes, a big, and very much welcome, weapon slot adjustment will be put into place. No longer will you have to equip one kinetic, one energy, and one power weapon. Now, you can have any weapon you want to be equipped at all times, regardless of classification. Oh, and the game is getting a wicked bow and arrow.

Forsaken also brings a unique new game mode called Gambit. In Gambit, two teams of four square off against a set of CPU enemies. It sounds like a standard asymmetrical multiplayer mode, right? Well, each team can designate one person to invade the other team’s battlefield and wreak havoc.

With every new expansion comes a new Raid. Forsaken‘s Raid is called the Dreaming City, otherwise known as the home of the Awoken.

Bungie also outlined previously known features such as Collections and Triumphs. Collections tracks all the weapons and armor you find throughout your journey. This will allow Guardians to see how many more pieces of gear they need to complete sets. While filling out your collection, empty slots designated for undiscovered weapons will sometimes have hints on how to acquire them. Best of all, in case you change your mind, Collections lets you re-buy dismantled and sold weapons with found materials. Meanwhile, Triumphs tracks all of your progress, such as all of the lore you discover throughout the galaxy.

Keeping in line with the first game’s model for the third expansion, Forsaken will cost $40. You can also buy Forsaken with the new annual pass, a subscription that grants players access to three pieces of DLC, for $70. The first annual pass DLC drop, Black Armory, arrives this winter. The second and third land in spring 2019 and summer 2019, respectively.

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