‘Destiny’ beta coming to PlayStation first

bungies destiny scheduled september 2014 screenshot

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Destiny, Bungie’s first non-Halo game in more than a decade, is set to debut in 2014, and its long-since-revealed beta test is going to kick off first on Sony’s PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 consoles. The news was revealed during the PlayStation All Access event on Spike TV, celebrating the launch of the PS4. The trailer offers some new looks at gameplay, and it was followed by the “Sony platforms first” confirmation from Bungie COO Pete Parsons.

There are a few options for getting into the beta, but pre-ordering the game is the easiest. A press release revealing the “PS3/PS4 first” news notes that the beta “will include a diverse sampling of activities in the full game.” Xbox 360 and Xbox One owners will still be able to get in on the pre-release beta action, they’ll just be waiting a little longer to do so. There’s no hard date set yet for the beta’s launch (or the game, for that matter); all we know for now is “early 2014.”

Take a peek at the trailer below.