Destiny delves into The Dark Below on December 9 when the first DLC arrives

destinys new raid crotas end defeated destiny dark below

Destiny‘s first downloadable content expansion, The Dark Below, will be available to download for all platforms on December 9. The expansion will add new gear, story, and multiplayer activities, including a new high level raid like the Vault of Glass.

A new character named Eris brings word that the Hive is attempting to summon a terrible god named Crota to destroy humanity. Find Eris in the tower for new missions related to this impending threat, with exciting, new rewards. In a new cooperative strike, The Will of Crota, you and your fireteam face off against Omnigul as she rallies more Hive forces against Earth. The new raid, Crota’s End, is set deep in the Moon’s Hellmouth. PlayStation platforms will also get exclusive access to The Undying Mind, a cooperative strike that will come to Xbox no sooner than fall 2015.

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The DLC also boosts the level cap up to 32 and adds five additional bounty slots. Also expect a host of new weapons, armor, and gear to reward you, including Legendary and Exotic items. Three new competitive arenas are being added to the Crucible mix as well: Pantheon, in the constrained depths of a Vex temple; Skyshock, an old planetary defense array open for vehicles; and The Cauldron, an abandoned Hive ritual site.

The Dark Below will be available on its own for $20, or as part of the Season Pass for $35, which also includes the House of Wolves DLC, slated for 2015. Vault of Glass is easily one of the most popular parts of the game right now, so more endgame content like that is just what’s needed to keep fans hooked.