Destiny doesn’t let players trade items with one another

destiny doesnt let players trade items one another screen

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You might have already picked up on this from playing the beta, but Destiny players won’t be able to trade their precious gear with one another in the final game. Bungie confirmed as much in the latest Bungie Weekly Update post, extinguishing any hopes that the feature was just turned off for the beta.

“We want you to earn ‘em,” the post reads, referencing player loot. “You should be able to tell a badass story for every sweet jewel in your arsenal. Once you earn them, the various Guardians under your account will be able to trade them, but weapons belong to the players who acquire them through action and bravery.”

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Trading items between your own characters — Guardians, as they’re referred to — is a matter of storing an item in your stash at the Tower and then accessing the stash with one of your other characters. That feature was included in the beta.

While Bungie doesn’t say it outright, preventing players from trading gear with one another also eliminates the possibility of a grey market rising up outside the game in which people sell what they’ve earned in the game for real-world money. That’s not an unusual practice in other games of this sort, and even if it’s not a stated reason for the feature not existing in Destiny, it’s almost certainly something the developer considered.

Destiny comes to PlayStation and Xbox consoles on September 9, 2014.