Destiny’s loot cave may be gone, but here’s another endless font of gear for you

Destiny‘s infamous loot cave may be no more, but that hasn’t stopped enterprising guardians from finding other loot caves for optimal farming, as we see in this new video shared on the Legendary Engram Twitter feed.

Like the previous cave, this new spot allows players to camp in one location with a clear line of sight onto a narrowly-channeled spawn point, and easily pick off enemies as they appear. The new cave is located in Old Russia’s Rocketyard, and because of its more confined layout it is actually more conducive to solo farming than the original loot cave.

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The exploit is valid as of patch, but given the fate of the previous cave you probably want to get in there soon before Bungie catches wind. Fans of Diablo III are already familiar with this endless dance between min-maxing players and developers that want to you just play the game. The endgame content introduced in Reaper of Souls smartly embraced this desire for optimal loot runs with the addition of bounties and rifts, but we will have to see how Bungie handles it as more and more players complete the story and begin the long grind.