Crota’s End’s end: Destiny’s new DLC raid already beaten

destinys new raid crotas end defeated destiny dark below

A team of Guardians has already beaten Destiny‘s new raid, Crota’s End, a mere six or so hours after The Dark Below downloadable content released on December 9, according to a tweet from developer Bungie. On the morning of DLC’s release, a member of the Destiny team Invigorate Gaming tweeted a photo of the in-game emblem earned for defeating the raid, tentatively claiming a world first.

Bungie re-tweeted the image shortly thereafter, confirming the feat. The developer later shared a screenshot of the team’s stats from the raid. Although Destiny‘s raids are limited to six players, the screen shows seven, implying that the level 30 hunter jumped in to substitute for another player toward the end. The team managed an impressive overall kill-to-death ratio of 10.53 according to the stats.

Invigorate Gaming’s Twitter profile claims that they were also the first to beat Destiny’s first raid, Vault of Glass, on hard mode. Bungie will make hard mode available on Crota’s End in January 2015.