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Troy Baker and Nolan North talk their Dirt 5 rivalry: ‘There was no script’

Dirt 5, set for release on November 6, is among the cross-gen games that Microsoft has used to promote the smart delivery capabilities of its upcoming Xbox Series X|S consoles (though it also will come to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5), and it is garnering praise among critics. The title reunites voice acting veterans Nolan North and Troy Baker in a campaign that pits the two in an epic racing rivalry.

Digital Trends sat down with the performers to talk about their roles, get the dirt on why Dirt 5 is among their most unique projects.

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Digital Trends: Could you describe the roles you play in Dirt 5?

Troy Baker: I get to play AJ, who’s going to be your mentor as you craft your own career bespoke to your decisions and your choices. I will be their coach, their mentor, the voice in their head as they do that.

Nolan North: My character, Bruno Durand, and I’m very specific about this, is the antagonist in Dirt 5, not the villain. Bruno is a very complex character. I got an absolute dossier on who he was, his background, his achievements, his likes, dislikes. I basically was able to just take that information and then sit in a podcast format. And be the character, completely improvised.

Baker: With the characters, the temptation might be to go, “Here’s the good guy, and here’s the bad guy.” What I love is that the writers didn’t play into that temptation. This is more like the Beatles and the Stones. These are two incredibly talented people that need each other as iron sharpens iron. 

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North: They need each other. I’ve likened it to, in a few interviews, to anybody who’s a soccer fan. Renaldo and Messi. You know, who’s the best, who’s the greatest? People always go into these super loops. They’re both very, very good at what they do, both very different in their styles and in their personalities. 

That’s one of the interesting things about the story, that podcast format. What was the process for creating that?

North: There was no script. There were bullet points. You know, you want to get in the fact that, OK, we’re racing on this date or, you know, be driving this car. There was some information. But when I say it was improvised, it was 98 to 99% improvised. I just read the facts of who he is as a person, took that in, and just created this kind of persona.

We just kind of made it up on all the background information. It was a very unique one, and because it was so unique, it’s what drew me to the project in the first place.

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Baker: The writers did an incredible job of providing us characters with incredibly fleshed-out backstories. It feels like this is a real conversation happening between two people. It’s that level of commitment to the authenticity that helps this feel not just like there’s two actors that are doing their lines of dialogue.

Codemasters could have done this kick-ass 20 to 30 minutes of cinematic content with performance and full facial capture, and all of that, if they wanted to. That is kind of a hat on a hat. It’s already a great game, it’s already a great experience. The fidelity is going to be second to none. We don’t have to do that in order to have a good narrative. 

The two of you have worked on so many projects together, both as friends and foes. Do you feel the need to purposefully switch up your dynamic with every new collaboration, or does that come naturally through the projects themselves?

Baker: When Codemasters came to me with the pitch, “You’re going to play a mentor,” I was like, “OK. So essentially I’m the protagonist of the story. If there’s a protagonist, it follows that there would be an antagonist. Who’s the other person?” They told me about Bruno, but that they didn’t know who was going to play him, so I was like, “Well, what if we made it, Nolan?

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We’ve spent so much time together, both professionally and personally. It’s like we can anticipate each other’s moves. It makes the dialogue feels like this is a real conversation happening between two people. And instead of it being Troy and Nolan, it’s AJ and Bruno.

Nolan: I think in as far as Troy and I are concerned, when you approach work, you just like to work with people you know are going to be good. And I always know he’s always going to be good. There’s a rapport. There’s a trust that you have with people.

So I think if anything, it takes any kind of pressure off of you because you don’t really try to do something different. The only way you would ever try to do something different is if the character and the story dictates something different. So, I don’t really look at a project any differently working with Troy than anyone else. I let the project dictate the performance.

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John Madden, who had a long career as both the coach of the Oakland Raiders and a football analyst, died in December 2021. EA is honoring Madden -- the namesake and inspiration behind its highly successful football game franchise -- by renaming a recently renovated field at its Redwood Shores headquarters to the "John Madden Field" and putting him on the cover of Madden NFL 23. There will be three unique covers, including one by artist Chuck Styles for the digital-exclusive Madden NFL 23 All-Madden Edition.

Speaking to Digital Trends, executive producer Aaron McHardy said that EA typically looks at the most exciting and Madden brand-aligned athletes in the NFL when choosing a cover star. But he says there wasn't much of a debate about who would headline the next game after the team learned of Madden's death.
"I don't even think there were discussions as everybody just arrived at the fact that he's going back on the cover because we have to honor him in the best way we possibly can," McHardy said. "It's been so long since he was on the cover of the game, but the game has got his name on it every single year, so we wanted to do everything we could to honor the legend like he is, and it was a no-brainer to put him on the cover." 
Madden is not just being honored on the cover. The first thing players will experience when booting up Madden NFL 23 is a fictional game where two versions of Madden are facing off against each other with all-star teams of athletes in the 1970s Oakland Coliseum. This game will even include real voice clips from Madden, remastered just for this experience. McHardy also believes Madden's influence can be felt outside of that opening game because his death encouraged the development team to work harder. 
"I didn't have the pleasure of speaking with him, but I know a lot of the guys on the team did." McHardy continued. "He was invested in making sure that our game was the most authentic 11v11 football game that it could be. It was obviously a sad and somber moment to lose someone like Coach Madden, but it really energized the team in a way this year to think about our features, what we're building, and how we can honor that legacy." Madden NFL 23 will be released for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S later this year. 

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Sniper Elite 5 turns World War II into an immersive sim
Karl aims down sights at an enemy in Sniper Elite 5.

Since 2005, Rebellion Development’s Sniper Elite series has perfected sniping gameplay with detailed bullet physics and a joyously gory killcam. While these games lend themselves to some intense sniping shootouts, they could often feel too linear and restrictive for a game about sneaking behind enemy lines and taking out Nazis as you see fit.
Sniper Elite 4 took the first step in making levels more expansive and emphasizing player freedom. Now, Sniper Elite 5 is taking those ideas one step further as a World War II sandbox that finds itself somewhere between Hitman 3 and Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain in its structure.
I got to play Sniper Elite 5’s second level and see the more open-ended level design and deeper weapon customization in action. Although it doesn’t reinvent the series’ formula, the level I played showed that Sniper Elite 5 has refined this experience into the intense sniping immersive sim I always wanted Sniper Elite to be.
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The sands of Normandy
While Sniper Elite 4 took place in Italy, Sniper Elite 5 brings series protagonist Karl Fairburne to the area around Normandy, France, as he tries to take down Nazi Abelard Möller. Rebellion says the events of D-Day will play out during the game, but I played a mission that takes place much earlier.
Titled Occupied Residence, this level tasks the player with sneaking into Möller’s office in an occupied French Chateau to retrieve documents that reveal a secret Nazi plan to attack America. Occupied Resident actually didn’t require me to assassinate anybody, but it still managed to leave an impression as one of the best levels in the series thanks to strong design and some of Sniper Elite 5’s new gameplay elements.
At the start of the level, I was dropped off at a French resistance camp not far from the Chateau. Resistance members highlighted how I could get to the Chateau by busting through a heavily guarded central road, taking out a German patrol around a shallow river crossing, or crossing a nearby bridge after taking out the patrol around it.
I initially tried to use the river crossing path and sniped some of the patrol’s soldiers from a distance. I had forgotten to equip a silencer though, so I was spotted and decided to run away. While previous Sniper Elite games might have punished me for this foible, Sniper Elite 5 let me successfully escape and reassess the situation. This is where the game’s excellent level design exposed itself.

Finish the fight
As I escaped and looked for a place to hide, I noticed how interconnected this map was. Various roads, gardens, homes, and more could serve as great hiding and sniping spots. I could also change and customize my loadout at a workbench if I wanted to change my approach.
Sniping-focused missions in video games can sometimes become frustrating as they instantly punish the player if they mess up a shot or expose their position. As a series about a sniper, Sniper Elite has had this problem in the past. But because Sniper Elite 5 has such open-ended level design and lets players modify their loadout during missions, it doesn’t look like it will be an issue here.
Now knowledgeable about and confident in Sniper Elite 5’s structure and systems, I decided what to do next. I chose to take out the soldiers around the bridge and cross that way. I killed the soldiers at the southern end of the bridge, then climbed around the side of the bridge and up some vines to circumvent the Nazis on the Northern end.
I was now close to the Chateau, so I climbed over the wall surrounding it and snuck in through a window without getting spotted. From there, I snuck around the house doing stealth takedowns on anyone I encountered until I found a secret room belonging to Möller that had the documents I was looking for. I could then exfiltrate, but was caught by a soldier before I could fully make my escape. This caused a mad dash to the finish, where I managed to defeat enough soldiers to buy me enough time to exfiltrate. It was a uniquely exhilarating experience that I caused and won’t forget anytime soon.

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One Piece Odyssey is a new JRPG based on the popular anime
Luffy and the Straw Hat pirates walk through a forest in One Piece Odyssey.

During a special One Piece livestream, Bandai Namco Entertainment announced One Piece Odyssey, an expansive JRPG based on the long-running anime that will launch later this year.
The announcement trailer focuses on highlighting the game's world and putting a spotlight on many of the popular One Piece characters that the game will feature. "A storm, a shipwreck, a mysterious island," the trailer's description teases. "Expect the unexpected on your next adventure with the Straw Hats!"
One Piece Odyssey - Announcement Trailer
While we know that One Piece Odyssey will be a JRPG with quests, dungeons, and turn-based combat. A developer interview video shows some footage of Luffy exploring One Piece Odyssey's world and solving an environmental puzzle in a dungeon. 
The announcement also confirms that ILCA, the developer of Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, is the primary developer of this game. In the aforementioned interview video, producer Katsuaki Tsuzuki also confirmed that One Piece creator Eiichiro Oda advised the development team on the project and even provided art for the characters and enemies. 
A message from Oda also appears at the start of the announcement trailer, and he certainly seems quite excited about the project. "I thought to myself, wasn't it like three years ago when I designed the characters?!" he said, revealing how long One Piece Odyssey has been in development. "But when I actually saw the game ... wow! It felt like I was watching a movie! What incredible immersion."
One Piece Odyssey will be released for PC, PS4, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S later in 2022. 

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