Don’t Starve’s ‘Reign of Giants’ DLC teased in brief trailer

dont starves reign giants dlc teased brief trailer don t starve

Now that Don’t Starve: Console Edition is out on PlayStation 4 – and as a free download if you’re a PlayStation Plus subscriber! – Klei Entertainment is ready to tease what’s next for the visually striking survival game. A new trailer teases Reign of Giants DLC as “coming soon,” though there’s no date or even platform listed for the add-on’s release. All you get is a quick close-up shot of a hand-drawn giant’s ugly mug.

It’s a safe guess that the Reign of Giants DLC will introduce some manner of giant to the game. In Don’t Starve, your character is deposited into a randomly generated world with no resources and no real direction. You’ve got to figure out how to feed yourself, how to survive the deadly night, how to prepare for the even more deadly winter. There’s a lot of trial and error, a lot of ignominious dying. Even after you get everything figured out, a lousy starting point in a new world can end your fun quickly.

Klei’s post revealing the upcoming DLC doesn’t offer any info that you can’t get from the trailer, but you can check it out here. Or you can just watch the trailer below.