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Dontnod’s upcoming mystery ‘Twin Mirrors’ should appeal to ‘Life is Strange’ fans

Twin Mirror

Dontnod Entertainment recently released the action-role-playing game Vampyr for consoles and PC, and the studio is also working on a follow-up to its hit Life is Strange. Now the studio has one more project in the works that should be right up any mystery fan’s alley. Twin Mirror is a disturbing new thriller set in a dark and depressing West Virginia coal town, but it still had Dontnod’s unique charm.

Revealed during a PlayStation pre-E3 presentation, Twin Mirror stars Sam, a man who returns to the town of Basswood, West Virginia after spending a year away. The recent death of Sam’s friend, a local journalist, has brought him back to the town, while a recent breakup has put him in a dark place. Before he has a chance to mend relationships in Basswood, Sam wakes in his hotel room to find his shirt covered in blood, leading to far more questions than answers.

Dontnod is being predictably vague about what happened to Sam or where his investigation will lead him, but Twin Mirror will contain similar narrative choices to that of Life is Strange or Vampyr.

Twin Mirror is a compelling journey that explores the elements of choice and hypocrisy, while paving a player’s way toward the conclusion of their investigation,” said Bandai Namco community specialist Cyrus Weston in a post on the PlayStation Blog.

The game’s first trailer used the tagline, “Your mind is the one place to find the truth,” suggesting that Sam’s investigation will largely be psychological. The game contains pieces of television shows like Twin Peaks and HBO’s The Night Of, but it appears there will be more supernatural elements, as well. We see Sam punch a ghost-like figure in the face in one scene, and later he walks across floating rocks and bridges.

Bandai Namco is the third publisher Dontnod is currently working with. While Square Enix published Life is Strange, the smaller Focus Home Interactive published Vampyr earlier this week.

Despite being announced at PlayStation’s event, Twin Mirror will release for Xbox One and PC in addition to PlayStation 4. The game is scheduled to arrive in 2019.

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