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Dwayne Johnson teases possible role in DC film

dwayne johnson teases possible role dc film

Following a meeting with Warner Bros., Dwayne Johnson tweeted that he is in talks to “partner up and create the cool bad assert” in an upcoming DC film (via Comingsoon). Assuming the talks lead to an actual offer, it isn’t clear what character Johnson would be or what film he would appear in, but his tweet was in response to a question about whether or not he would ever play a superhero.

“We just had a big meeting w/ Warner Bros CEO re: @DCComics 2014 we will partner up and create the cool bad assery,” Johnson tweeted.

Assuming the Tweet is to be taken literally, his meeting would have been with WB CEO Kevin Tsujihara, who Johnson is reportedly friendly with. Back in November the actor posted a pic of the two together and called Tsujihara his “bud.”

This isn’t the first time Johnson’s name has been tossed around for a possible DC role. Johnson has been mentioned several times in connection with a rumored Lobo film, and he was said to be the first choice to play the antagonist Black Adam in Billy Batson and the Legend of Shazam – which was recently confirmed to have slid into limbo. Since the meeting, neither Johnson nor WB have commented on what was discussed.

There are several possibilities, ranging from a role in film to we know about – like Man of Steel 2 – to something we haven’t even heard about yet. At this point it is all speculation, but that’s part of the fun of casting news like this.

If Johnson was going to appear in the Man of Steel 2, his role could range from anything from hero to villain. With the name recognition Johnson has, it would be a waste to have him in a minor role – unless he was going to appear in later films. There have been rumors of the Martian Manhunter appearing in Man of Steel 2 as an introduction for the character to appear in the (as yet unconfirmed) Justice League film…

That is just a guess though. We’ll keep an eye on this story, of course, but for now feel free to chime in with your guesses on who Johnson might play in the comments below.

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