EA Employees Upset About Working Conditions

“Following a tip from an informed source, GameSpot contacted Attorney Robert C. Schubert, partner at San Francisco law firm Schubert & Reed LLP. He said that he has initiated legal proceedings to start a class action lawsuit on behalf of a group of EA employees. “We are seeking unpaid overtime for a good number of [EA] employees who weren’t [properly] paid,” Schubert told GameSpot this afternoon. “EA contends they were exempt,” Schubert said. “We contend otherwise.”

To recover the money felt owed them, said employees are trying to file a class action lawsuit against EA seeking overtime pay. On July 29, the complaint Jamie Kirschenbaum vs. Electronic Arts, Inc. was filed in San Mateo Superior Court. Kirschenbaum is one of the members of the Sims 2 design team, although his current employment status at EA could not be clarified as of press time.”

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