EA promises continued support for Battlefield 4, ‘major’ netcode update imminent

ea promises continued support for battlefield 4  fishing in baku screen 5

To stem cries of “too soon!” coming from fans concerned by the announcement of Battlefield: Hardline, developer DICE has posted assurances that the new game does not preclude continued support for Battlefield 4. Dedicated teams in Stockholm, Uppsala, and Los Angeles will continue to address issues and develop new content for the military shooter, released late last year. As Hardline is being developed by a separate team at Visceral Games (with help from DICE), there is little to no reason for concern about split attention.

That ongoing support for BF4 will include addressing fan requests, like the recently-added Squad Join and Loadout Preset features. There is also a major patch to netcode coming down the pipe to continue sorting out the connectivity and latency issues that plagued the game at launch. The developer has also launched and plans on expanding the Community Test Environment, which will serve as a laboratory for testing new features with the community.

In short, chill out, guys.