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Sorry, not 'Sorry': Von Miller parodies Bieber for latest 'Madden 17' promo

Sports games are one of those franchises that if you’re into, you tend to pick up every year or two for the roster updates and the odd graphical improvement. That’s why EA Sports always gets a little goofy with its Madden advertising, to try to draw in the new blood. Such is the case with Madden NFL 17, which has Denver Broncos linebacker Von Miller in a humorous music video.

Anyone familiar with Justin Bieber’s more recent hits will recognize the bed used for the track, though the lyrics are all new. Miller really, really wants you to start him on your team when you play Madden 17, so much so that he’s brought five other versions of himself to sing to you about it.

“Yea we can win, so I’m saying start me,” might not be the smoothest lyrical replacement for Bieber’s Sorry, but it fits well enough, and the dancing is pretty spot on for a parody track. Whether that will actually encourage anyone to buy the game who might not have otherwise is anyone’s guess.

EA was being more than a little clever with its choice of Miller, though. As Polygon explains, he spent several weeks earlier this year debating with the Broncos on his salary. Although the eventually settled on $114 million over the next six years — making him one of the highest-paid defensive players in the sport — it took some negotiating.

You have to wonder if a rendition of this dance might have helped him secure that deal. You never know what hoops people need to jump through to get that sort of money.

Madden NFL 17 launches on August 23 on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One, assuring that just about everyone gets chance to play. New features this time around include an improved ground game mechanic to make for more offensive options, as well as a new defensive AI to give the single-player campaign a little more depth.

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