Ex-BioShock developers launch Kickstarter for The Black Glove

ex bioshock developers launch kickstarter black glove the

Day For Night Games, a group of developers that largely came out of the now-defunct Irrational Games has launched a Kickstarter campaign for The Black Glove, “an eerie, surrealistic, first-person game experience.”

The creator’s experience with BioShock is immediately obvious in The Equinox, a dimly-lit 1920s theater pervaded with spacetime distortions and oddball characters. As the new curator it’s your job to help cultivate the three artists in residence: a visual artist, a filmmaker, and a musician. You do this by completing arcade-style challenges (“feats”) that unlock the eponymous black glove and allow you to interact with “fourth-dimensional space” in order to alter the artists’ pasts, specifically changing their muse, medium, and message.

The artists’ work in the present changes wildly to reflect the various combinations you come up with, with inspirations including “8-bit video game music, 60s era pop art, Day of the Dead folk art, 70s cosmic comics, anime, multi-media experimental art, cyberpunk fiction, sad-eyed clown paintings, low-budget b-movies, and more.” Your goal is to make the critics, audiences, and artists happy, but there is no single right answer for doing so. The myriad possibilities available encourage lots of replayability (the developers cite The Stanley Parable as an influence).

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The Black Glove looks excitingly, refreshingly unique. It seems to directly address many of the criticisms leveled against the BioShock games by extracting the gratuitous shooting and replacing it with more strange characters and narrative-driven gameplay. At time of this writing Day For Night Games has raised $41,507 of its $550,000 goal with 31 days to go, so head over to their page and check it out if this also sounds exciting to you.