Faith on the run again? ‘Mirror’s Edge’ sequel is coming… when it’s ready

Screen-Shot-2013-06-10-at-1.56.34-PMMirror’s Edge sequel is coming from DICE… when it’s ready. So says a teasing new trailer revealed during Electronic Arts’ E3 2013 press conference. There aren’t any details to speak of concerning story at this time, though it appears Faith returns as the protagonist to either the same future-world city that she parkour’ed through in the first game, or a very similar one. 

The first Mirror’s Edge came to current-gen platforms in fall 2008 with a subsequent PC release in early 2009. The first-person perspective game includes shooting mechanics, but the focus is more on platforming and spatial puzzle-solving. It is, in fact, entirely possible to get through the entire game without killing a single enemy.

It’s fair to expect DICE to hang onto this aspect of the original game in the sequel, but there’s no confirmation of anything at this time. Even the trailer appears to be a gameplay-like collection of cinematic sequences rather than a serving of raw gameplay. Don’t expect to hear much more about this one at E3 2013, but if we get more information, we’ll update it here.