Fans recreate live-action opening to Another World

fans recreate live action opening another world

A group of dedicated fans in Poland have recreated the opening sequence to Eric Chahi’s classic action-adventure game, Another World as a live-action short film. “Project 23” started its life as a promotional video for Pixel Heaven 2014, a retro gaming festival in Warsaw, but over its development grew into something much more substantial. Check out the film below, along with the original opening, posted for comparison:

The film’s website also has concept art and a making-of video. The project has had Chahi’s full support, and if the team can garner enough interest, they hope to expand it into a 15+ minute short film set in the Another World universe. They are contemplating a Kickstarter to help fund it, so head on over and shoot them a message if you think it would be a good idea.

The steady tick of Moore’s Law has given amateur filmmakers vastly-improved technical capabilities in recent years, leading to some spectacular films inspired by their favorite games. It should only be a matter of time before a developer embraces this sort of communal, multimedia world-building in a new project from the ground up–something between Will Wright’s community-driven “Bar Karma” show and Remedy’s upcoming game/show hybrid Quantum Break. In any case, the mediasphere seems ripe to start producing new forms native to the 21st century.