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Final Fantasy XIV Matoya’s Relict boss guide: Bathrooms, bubbles, and bacon

After a stop to check in with Final Fantasy XIV‘s legendary Scions of the Seventh Dawn, Alisaie figures she can use lessons learned curing the Sin Eater-afflicted people of The First to fix the Tempered of The Source. To do so requires lost Allagan knowledge, some early computer science, and, most importantly, Porxies — the little piggy familiars able to hold copious amounts of aether.

Making single porxies takes time and energy, leading us to the true Master Matoya, who happens to have a dusty old workshop just outside Idyllshire that’s good for making a master porxie capable of creating a steady supply. Having been untouched for 15 years, the place is crawling with reckless magical creatures. Here’s how to beat the bosses of Matoya’s Relict.


FFXIV Matoya's Relict boss guide Mudman

This creepy looking construct looks to squash you with what is essentially large balls of dung. Thankfully, the arena conveniently houses a drainage system that’s perfect for taking out the trash — the dung balls, not the Mudman itself.

Besides the usual tankbuster (Hard Rock) and raid-wide damage (Stone Age), this fight only has one real mechanic — Peat Pelt. When Mudman uses Petrified Peat, four dung balls fall to the arena. Avoiding the impact zones is the easy part.

Before long, the boss will cast Peat Pelt, setting one ball on each party member that will, after a few seconds, be flung toward them, dealing considerable damage to anyone in the way.

All you need to do here is line yourself up with one of the four drainage holes on the outer edges of the area, being mindful of anyone likely to get crushed by the ball on the way. Once the ball is flung, it’ll carry on, landing itself in the drainage hole and being removed from the field. Some holes will be blocked by Mudman clones later on, so take that into account.

Every player is going to take damage from their respective ball, so healers will need to be ready for that, but any extra collisions will spell certain doom to almost anyone but the tank, so aim your ball well.


FFXIV Matoya's Relict boss guide Nixie

After all that dirt and grime, a shower is just what you need, and Nixie is happy to provide the wash. This boss has a unique tankbuster (Crash-smash) that strikes from all four sides of the arena.

You can’t “take” the tethers that show up, so anyone but the tank just needs to steer clear of the incoming shots to avoid any unnecessary extra healing. To cement that idea, every other player gets a red marker to deal with during this later on — you won’t survive both.

But that’s not the main mechanic of this boss. That boils down to Shower Power and Pitter Patter.

Shower Power (pictured) is a linear strike from three of four random jets on a single side of the arena that later includes more red markers to manage on a single axis.

The second is a simple case of taking a water jet up to the bosses’ cloud when it leaves the arena to deal with some adds before they can generate too much water and wipe the group with a powerful hydro explosion. Don’t worry, we haven’t actually seen it happen. All in all, it’s a boss that can be burned down almost too fast. There’s probably another mechanic in there that it never manages to actually get off.

Mother Porxie

FFXIV Matoya's Relict boss guide Mother Porxie

What a surprise. After quickly cooking a whole ham, the glorified battery goes a bit crazy. As per Master Matoya’s advice, you’re to teach it who’s in charge. Time to beat some meat. Wait, no…

Huff and Puff is the major mechanic of this fight. You’ll see it in two flavors — on the ground and up in the air. When the boss shoots off to the side of the arena with this spell, there’s a safe zone in the middle and a knockback coming your way. Either hug the boss to get knocked back into it as it resolves or, if you’re a Ranged class, sit in the center and time it with Surecast.

After this, the boss can sometimes cast Meat Mallet, slamming the opposite end of the area for proximity-based damage. If so, rush back to do as much damage as you can while she’ll still at the Huff and Puff location, and you should automatically be as far away from the impact zone as possible — where you’ll also be in prime position to fight against the next mechanic: Barbeque.

Once she makes the jump for Meat Mallet, her Barbeque skill sets up a hot zone along the back of the area. She’ll attempt to suck you into this for a time, tossing area attacks down onto the arena to force you further back. You can fight against the current but can’t move forward at all. You just have to strafe away from the attacks and hope you don’t eat too many.

With that, she’ll return to the arena. Whack her until around 40% to 50-% HP, and she’ll fly off to cast a modified Huff and Puff. Defeat the add, and you’ll be tossed into the sky, where you’ll be able to see where the knockback is set to come from. There’s no Meat Mallet this time, just individual red markers from Open Flame. Stay alive and beat it down.

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