Next Hitman game won’t be at E3, console yourself with new concept art

first concept new hitman nothing e3

Aside from the release of the mobile puzzle variant, Hitman GO, IO Interactive has been quiet about the new Hitman game since sharing an open letter in January that assured fans development was ongoing (and that “magic pockets” were no more). That silence was broken today, if only marginally.

In an update to its blog, IO posted the first concept of the next main entry in the beloved franchise. The image shows Agent 47 lurking outside a palatial structure in central Europe. The entire building, inside and out, will be available for exploration, and it’s said to be larger than any location in Hitman: Absolution. The previously-mentioned open letter promised to take the best features of the previous games and apply them on a larger and more detailed scale than ever, allowing for new levels of the sort of emergent gameplay that the series provides at its best moments

This one little tease is all we get for the time being, though, since with the image came an assurance that the developers will not be prepared to share anything else about  the game at E3 next month. The post did, however, mention that colleagues at Square Enix Montréal would soon be sharing details about new content for Hitman GO and a new mobile entry in the series.