Forza 4’s Kinect head tracking demonstrated in a video

Forza 4

Microsoft let a teaser trailer for Forza 4 slip out last December, to the delight of fans who have been looking forward to more from the Xbox 360-exclusive racing series after the excellent 2009 release. Details have continued to slip out since the initial reveal, including word that content from the UK TV series Top Gear will be integrated into the game along with Kinect support. Just last week, Microsoft detailed the retailer-specific pre-order bonuses — cars, naturally — that will come with the game, as well as a “Ship Bonus” car pack that will be packaged into the initial production run.

It’s the Kinect functionality that we’re here to talk about today though. Microsoft had previously confirmed that Forza 4 will support the motion-sensing camera in a number of ways, perhaps most notably with head-tracking. The term should be all the description you need, but just to be clear: with head-tracking, the camera will monitor your movements in front of the screen and adjust the camera to peer off to the left and right based on how you’re leaning. It promises to be a valuable tool for managing blind turns without having to worry about fiddling with a thumbstick. Anything that makes in-game interactions feel more natural and intuitive is a good thing.

Unfortunately with news like this, really anything that relates to Kinect integration, a description doesn’t really capture the full effect. That’s probably why Microsoft has released a new video showcasing how the feature works in the game. It’s one of those “Major’s Minute” shorts hosted by Xbox community guy Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb, a pre-E3 teaser that gives you an up-close look at the head-tracking in action. Looks pretty neat, right? We’re in favor of anything that creates a stronger sense of immersion.