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‘Forza Motorsport 6’ gets fresh new vehicles in Turn 10 Summer Car Pack

forza motorsport 6 turn 10 summer car pack detailed 1964 ferrari f 158 f1
Motorsports fanatics can test drive a new batch of playable vehicles hitting Forza Motorsport 6 today as part of the Turn 10 Summer Car Pack, including digital recreations of famed race-winners like the Ferrari F-158 F1 and the Watson #1 Sheraton-Thompson Special Roadster.

All of today’s new rides are bundled together for $7 as part of the Turn 10 Summer Car Pack, and individual vehicles are also available for purchase separately via Xbox Live.

Released exclusively for the Xbox One in 2015, Forza Motorsport 6 is a racing sim that painstakingly recreates hundreds of licensed cars and dozens of playable racetracks. The base game includes more than 450 cars, and frequent DLC releases have introduced a expanded range of exotic vehicles in the months after launch.

On tap for this week’s Turn 10 Summer Car Pack are John Surtees’ Ferrari F-158 F1 and the Datsun 280ZX Turbo, which film star Paul Newman famously drove during the IMSA GTX series for Bob Sharp Racing. Another celebrity car making an appearance in Forza Motorsport 6 this week is the Watson #1 Sheraton-Thompson Special Roadster, which won the Indy 500 for veteran driver A.J. Foyt during the 1964 racing season.

Other notable additions to Forza Motorsport 6‘s playable roster this week are the 2016 Cadillac CTS-V Sedan, which incorporates gearhead-preferred elements from the Corvette Z06, and the 2016 Abarth 695 Biposto, a hot hatch two-seater tuned for sheer speed.

Rounding out this week’s Turn 10 Summer Car Pack are the #23 Nissan R91CP – an exceptional Group C racer from 1991 – and 2000’s BMW 323ti Sport, a limited edition model capable of 200 horsepower output.

In addition to slating a busy schedule of DLC releases, Microsoft plans to expand the Forza series with the upcoming launch of Forza Motorsport 6: Apex, a stripped-down, free-to-play adaptation of Forza Motorsport 6 for Windows 10. Also arriving later this year is Forza Horizon 3, an Xbox One racing game that boasts a realistically modeled open world set in Australia.

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