Gaems G155 takes Xbox 360 or PS3 wherever you go

Gaems G155 portable gaming system

Sure, the portable games market is dominated with things like the Nintendo DSi, PSP, and—increasingly—smartphones, but none of those systems really being the power of a real gaming console, let along the multiplayer possibilities and high-end titles. CompuExpert and Gaems Inc. can’t really solve that problem—but they can help make a game console more portable with their new G155 portable gaming system for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. In essence, the G155 is a carrying case for the consoles, with space for controllers, power supplies, games, and cables. But it also packs a 15.5-inch 720P display powered by an HDMI input, so owners can play their console games right in the box.

“The G155 gives you the freedom to experience HD gaming on an Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 anywhere you choose, whenever you feel like it,” said Gaems VP of marketing John Smith, in a statement. “Imagine playing head to head with your friends and not settling for lame split-screen options or having to wait for your turn.”

The G155 packs more than just a screen: it also offers stereo speakers, dual 3.5mm headphone jacks, plus lockable latches to keep your console and gear safe. The system runs off U.S. wall power, and accommodates the Xbox 360, 360 Slim, and PS3 Slim. (Apparently the original PS3 is not invited to the party.)

The Gaems G155 system is available for pre-orders now for $299.99 from major online retailers.

Gaems G155 portable gaming system