Game on! 7-inch Wikipad tablet available this spring for $250


Gamers on the go, your day is almost upon us. After delaying the release of its planned 10-inch tablet, Wikipad is instead leading off with its smaller offering. The 7-inch Wikipad tablet/game controller hybrid will be the first of its family to hit the market. It will first be available later this spring.

The 7-inch version of the tablet made with gamers in mind will come priced at $250. Running Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, the device can be broken down to just its screen so it can operate as a standard Android tablet. Perhaps most exciting about the internals of the Wikipad is its processor, a Nvidia Tegra 3 quad-core that will give gamers plenty of power. Built with 16GB of internal memory and equipped with a microSD slot, the device will be able to hold a decent amount of data from your favorite games. Content from partners like PlayStation Mobile, Big Fish Games, Nvidia’s TegraZone, Google Play, OnLive, and more guarantee continuous action that will distract you from all the things you should really be doing. 

Though no official day has been picked for its launch, the 7-inch Wikipad will be available in the spring of the year, a significant delay from its planned launch in October of 2012. Manufacturing issues have delayed its appearance, but now that it’s almost here we might see just how big the mobile gaming market is. What should probably be noted is the most popular mobile games like Angry Birds or Cut the Rope have no use for a control pad. While some FPS or sports titles might feel more at home with a familiar joystick under the players thumb, this tablet will likely be underutilized by casual gamers. This is for the traditional players out there that start to twitch when their console controller is missing from the palms of their hands.

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