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Get $450 worth of games and save the planet with this charity bundle

Future Friends Games and Plant Based Gaming have joined forces to release a games charity bundle on that’s available right now. The companies say 100% of the sales gained through the charity project will go to the World Land Trust, an international conservation charity that tasks itself with protecting wildlife by preserving biologically significant and threatened habitats globally.

World Land Trust Charity Bundle on - Trailer

Plant Based Gaming is a gaming organization with a focus on preserving the planet. It is known for showcasing video games that have an emphasis on nature, conservation, and education. This isn’t the first time the organization has looked to use gaming to profit nature. Just this August, it ran its “Sweet Farm Charity” bundle on to support efforts focused on saving animals, educating people on agriculture, and promoting sustainable technologies.

A cat sleeps on a bench in Old Man's Journey.
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The new World Land Trust charity bundle is full of excellent games. It boasts over 60 indie titles that have a combined worth of over $450. The bundle includes standout games like Mutazione, Cloud Gardens, Hidden Folks, Coffee Talk, The Hex, A Good Snowman is Hard to Build, and more.

The overall goal of this passion project is to raise money through gaming to protect some of the world’s most threatened habitats. Those who are interested in picking up the bundle can do so with a minimum donation of $5 or as much as they’d like to give.

You can grab some praised indie games while saving money and helping save the planet on

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