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Genshin Impact: Where to find the five colored items and creatures during the camera event

The Genshin Impact photo event Five Flushes of Fortune is here … for now. Ringing in the 1.3 update for just one short week, the camera event tasks adventurers with a simple mission: Take photos of objects and enemies of a particular color each day. Players can take 10 shots per day, with each one dishing out one of five randomly colored photographs. Turn in a full set and get a bunch of rewards, including 60 Primogems and either adventure EXP items for characters and weapons, or cold, hard mora.

Over the course of the photo event, fans can turn in eight complete sets of shots for a grand total of 480 Primogems and other items. It’s mostly easy to manage, but the random nature of the resulting photo means trading extra shots between friends to amass a full collection in time. Here’s where to find each color item and creature to quickly get your 10 shots per day.

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How to start the Genshin Impact photo event quest

Genshin Impact camera event quest location
Image used with permission by copyright holder

While the last patch made a big deal of the combat “kamera” gadget, you don’t need to have unlocked it to get involved in this new event. What you do need, though, is access to Liyue Harbor, so get down there if you haven’t already.

To start the quest, simply talk to Ji Tong near his parasol-adorned cart by the harbor front. He’ll tell you that his new batch of picture boxes are playing up, and he wants you to take shots of subjects of a particular color each day so he can diagnose the cause. Come back to him when you have a full set of five different colored photographs and one of eight reward boxes will be yours.

Genshin Impact camera event locations

Camera event day one: Red item locations

Genshin Impact red items
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Ji Tong actually gives a good clue of this as you pick up the quest. There are plenty of red objects in Genshin Impact, but the jueyun chili is by far the quickest way to clear this first challenge.

As three jueyun chillis grow on each plant, you can use up all 10 shots on four nodes–and there’s a perfect jueyun chilli location right on the border of Liyue and Mondstadt that has more than enough right beside each other.

Camera event day two: Blue creature locations

Genshin Impact blue creatures
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The second day of the Genshin Impact camera event wants 10 shots of a blue creature. With the snowy region of Dragonspine recently opening up, Cryo enemies are in abundance. Even Cryo Crystalflies count, so if you happen to find some of those on your travels, snap a pick before you grab them.

Cryo Slimes are another good bet. There’s a bunch of them on the shore by the Dawn Winery. If you truly hate yourself, you can finish fast by starting a fight with the Oceanid. Its legion of watery illusions should all work. Just watch out for their deadly attacks.

Camera event day three: Red creature locations

Genshin Impact brown creatures
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Turns out just about any Hillichurl counts as a red creature, so this one should be a breeze. Hillichurl camps are just about everywhere outside of a main city, but if you haven’t been here before, the valley around the Jueyun Chili location from the first day has a bunch of these guys ready for their close up. There’s even a little alcove with a bunch of chests buried in the mountain, too.

If you don’t find enough on the beach, the floating fortress in the image above is an easy backup. Just be ready to get creative with the zoom. It’s a small space with a lot of enemies.

Camera event day four: Blue item locations

Genshin Impact blue items locationsIf you’ve ever had to build Diluc or Bennett, your time has come. The hunt for Small Lamp Grass is back on. Small Lamp Grass is the perfect blue item: It grows in groups, and its glow stands out in the night. You can find 10 very quickly by just teleporting to Wolvendom and sticking in the pictured area with the bend in the road.

Camera event day five: Yellow items locations

Genshin Impact yellow items
Image used with permission by copyright holder

The final photo challenge requirement is one of the easiest yet. Many of Teyvat’s common produce is yellow; Sunsettias, Sweet Flowers, and even Mushrooms.

The best way to clear this quickly is to teleport to either the Eagle’s Gate domain or the Galesong Hill waypoint on Cape Oath to the northwest of it. Sunsettias grow on the trees all over here, so you’ll have no problem grabbing the required shots in a hurry.

Camera event day six: Brown creatures locations

Genshin Impact Brown Creautres
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Brown creatures are a dime a dozen. Mostly Hilichurls are brown, and the Geo Slimes around places like Ruins of Guyun are, obviously, the color of rocks, making them prime photo opportunities.

Camera event day seven: Purple creatures locations

Genshin Impact purple creatures
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The final photo challenge is one of the harder ones. Purple is the color of Electro, so any Eletro enemy should work; Fatui Electrohammer, Electro Slime, Electro Cicin Mage, you get the idea. Some Hilichurl Archers count and Electro Cicin Mages even count as two thanks to the flies they summon in battle.

As for locations, you’ll likely have to hit up a few. Electro Slimes are oddly hard to come by, but some should spawn near the Seelie Gardens toward the tip of Cape Oath. Take one of the Electro Hyptostasis for a fourth, then make your way to Domain of Guyun. Head down and you’ll find a couple Electro Slimes, an archer or two, and an Electro Cicin Mage. If you’re short, Lingju Pass has a few Fatui and Hilichurl archers that can work.

How to get crimson, ultramarine, pale gold, ocher, and purple aster photos in the Genshin Impact camera event

Genshin Impact camera event photo gifts
Image used with permission by copyright holder

As explained above, the color theme of the day has no effect on the color of the photo you get in return. It’s completely random which of the five color photos you get with each shot.

If you’re unlucky enough to not end up with eight complete sets at the end of the event period, you’ll have to trade with other players. There’s no system to do a direct transfer of these, but by messaging a bunch of strangers in-game, you should find some willing to trade. Genshin Impact has one of the largest Discord servers on the planet right now, so head there and you’ll surely find someone with the photos you need to complete a set.

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