Get your iPod ready: Ice-T recorded a Dungeons & Dragons audiobook

get ipod ready ice t recorded dungeons dragons audiobook screen shot 2014 02 06 at 1 31 49 pm

Yup, you read that right. Ice-T, the Original Gangsta, has been hitting the studio hard lately – not to produce a new rap album, but instead to lay down the vocal track for an upcoming Dungeons & Dragons audiobook. Apparently he didn’t know what he was getting into either.

“They didn’t tell me this was a motherf–kin’ Dungeons & Dragons book,” Ice said on his Final Level podcast. “This shit is impossible to read,” he added. “For those of you who don’t know, Dungeons & Dragons is some of the most crazy, deep, deep, deep nerd shit ever invented. Every word you’re saying is made up. Motherf–kers talk like Yoda.” 

“Talking ’bout ‘pegasuses’ and ‘pegasi’ –  that’s horses with wings – bankin’ to the left. This motherf–ker got a sword that talks to him and shit.  Motherf–kers live in places that don’t exist, and it comes with a map. My God.”

According Ice, reading these kinds of stories was so difficult that, at one point, it took him three hours just to make it through 25 pages. But despite how hard it was, Ice assures us it was well worth the struggle, saying:

“It’ll be a treat to watch me, with my South Central-educated ass, trying to read some Dungeons & Dragons shit.”

Based on what we can gather from the podcast (playable below), it’s not entirely clear which book he was reading, or even when the audiobook will be available, but it sounds like you’ll definitely want to listen to the results either way.