Get Post-Ironic with GTA Online’s ‘I’m Not a Hipster’ Update

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Crack open a PBR and forget everything your English teacher taught you about what irony actually means for Grand Theft Auto Online‘s “I’m Not a Hipster” update. In addition to over 100 general fixes and gameplay tweaks, the free update features an assortment of “Hipster” themed content like retro print t-shirts, tattoos, skinny jeans, and animal masks (if you want to live out that fan fiction you wrote where Animal Collective robs banks together).

Seven new vehicles are available, from the environmentally-conscious, Smart Car-like Panto to the ostentatious 6-seat/3-axel Dubsta. Ammu-Nation is also cashing in on carefully-curated nostalgia with the Antique Cavalry Dagger and Vintage Pistol. 12 new jobs are also available across various game modes, including new Races, a Deathmatch in Puerta Del Sol, and two new Captures. There are also three new Gang Attacks in Chumash, East Vinewood, and Mirror Park.

For a full list of changes — including fixes and changes like a new in-garage Vehicle Manager feature (for shifting around your car placement) and a “Recently Played” option on the Host Jobs menu — check out Rockstar’s support site. The “I’m Not a Hipster” Update is available now when you boot up GTA V with an Internet connection.