Getting fast and furious in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel’s Stingray

getting fast furious borderlands pre sequels stingray sequel
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Walking around is stupid, right? It certainly is when you’re in an airless environment with only a limited supply of oxygen and a vast assortment of ruffians, robots, and moon monsters gunning for your face. That’s life in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, but it doesn’t always have to be so dangerous. Not when you’ve got a Stingray handy.

2K Australia created two new vehicles for The Pre-Sequel‘s Elpis (that’s Pandora’s moon) adventures, both of which are accessible from Moon Zoomy kiosks (think Scooter’s Catch-A-Ride, except there’s no Scooter). The Moon Buggy is pretty much what you’d expect: a four-wheeled jeep that’s build to roll around on the low-gravity surface of Elpis. You can kit it out as either a Laser Moon Buggy or a Missile Pod Moon Buggy, the latter of which fires clusters of tiny explosives that home in on their targets. It’s a good time.

But why roll when you can float? The Stingray is effectively a hover-ATV. With four repulsors where its tires would be, the zippy little cruiser speeds around the surface of Elpis with little trouble. It doesn’t have a turbo boost like the Moon Buggy does, but it does have the ability to hover higher up in the air using LB (Xbox 360 controller). The hover ability is useful not just for extending airtime during a long jump across a yawning chasm; you can also use it to perform a vehicular slam attack, damaging any nearby enemies.

If that’s not enough offensive firepower, the Stingray is also equipped with a front-facing laser cannon (pew pew!) and either a Flak Cannon or Cryo Rockets as its secondary. As with most other Borderlands vehicles, the Stingray is just as effective a tool for destruction as it is a personal conveyance.

There’s not a whole lot more to it than that. Float around, shoot things, squash the occasional pest with the power of your repulsors, rinse, repeat. Check out the Stingray in action right here…


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