Ghosts are back in The Sims 4, swimming pools and new careers are on the way

the sims gender fluidity ghosts

Ghosts have returned to haunt your Sims in the first free content update for The Sims 4. Maxis has also announced two upcoming free updates that will add in the much-requested swimming pools and some new career options.

On death your Sims can now return as ghosts to haunt the living. Their behavior in death is affected by the means by which they died–someone who died horribly in a fire might be prone to setting a few fires of her own, for instance. Ghosts can be taken in as playable members of your household, and there are even means of bringing them back to life, letting you torment your Sims in an endless cycle of death and resurrection.

Today’s update also introduces, just in time for Halloween, four Star Wars themed costumes for your Sims to wear: Luke Skywalker’s X-wing pilot uniform, Leia’s white robe, Darth Vader’s imposing black suit, and Yoda.


November 2014’s free update will bring back swimming pools, whose absence at launch had angered a lot of fans. Soon you will be able to augment your horrific experiments in life and death with the classic maneuver of editing the ladder out of the pool once your Sims are swimming.

December will introduce a variety of new career paths and rewards. All of the patches will also include minor updates based on community feedback, such as more eye colors.