Godzilla’s latest trailer stomps onto the Internet with a clear look at the monster’s face

godzilla trailer 2014

The latest trailer for director Gareth Edwards’ Godzilla offers our clearest look yet at the face of the titular sky-scraping, nuke-breathing monster. You also see lots of wanton destruction and a very harried-looking Bryan Cranston, one of the film’s stars. The trailer is backed by snippets of dialogue from Cranston, in which he seems to be yelling at someone for covering up Godzilla’s destructive behavior to the world as some sort of natural disaster. Cranston may have been the one who knocks on Breaking Bad, but he’s little more than a potential tasty morsel for Godzilla.

If you want some more, there’s also a separate, audio-only “trailer” that consists of Cranston’s uncut monologue. Fans of AMC’s meth-addled series have no doubt heard this hysterical tone in the actor’s voice before. Having a performer of his caliber in a lead role here only promises to elevate Godzilla into something special. Given that most of us are still smarting from the atrocious 1998 reboot from disaster epic go-to Roland Emmerich, that can only be a good thing.

Godzilla hits theater on May 16, 2014.