GOG.com adds Linux support

gog com adds linux support born to frag

Good Old Games, purveyor of fine, aged, DRM-free PC games, has delivered early on its promise to support Linux games. Earlier in 2014 the site set the goal of supporting Linux with 100 games by the fall. With the infrastructure in place, the admins decided there was no reason to hold off launching “for the sake of having a nice-looking number to show off to the press.” Instead GOG.com has rolled out Linux support now with a little over 50 games, still aiming to hit at least 100 by this fall.

The titles currently supported range from classics like Sid Meier’s Colonization, Darklands, and Duke Nukem 3D: Atomic Edition to modern hits like Don’t Starve, Multiwinia, and Kentucky Route Zero. Over half of the games are currently on sale for up to 75% off to promote the new platform.

All games are being released with easy DEB installers for the two most popular Linux distributions, Ubuntu and Mint, and also as distro-independent tar.gz archives. Check out the full list on the announcement at GOG.com and go wild, you Linux hipsters.