Game of the Year winner Gone Home coming to consoles

Gone Home game

The Fullbright Company’s Gone Home is coming to consoles, compliments of Majesco’s indie publishing label, Midnight City. Details are scant at this point, with the extent of the reveal covered in an update from Fullbright’s Steve Gaynor of the team’s official website. Specific platforms and release date will be revealed “in the coming weeks and months,” so just be happy for now with the news that Gone Home will soon be put in front of a much wider audience.

The Linux/Mac/Windows-exclusive game launched in 2013, and it was immediately greeted with a warm reception by critics. It’s an unusual experience in the sense that many trappings that are commonly associated with modern-day video games have no place in Gone Home. There’s no action at all, no AI to interact with, just a large, empty house filled with a whole lot of memories. It was powerful enough to earn Game of the Year accolades from a diverse range of media outlets, including Digital Trends.

As we said in our review: it’s a game that anyone can play, and everyone should. Console-only gamers will soon get your chance. Stay tuned for more Gone Home news when we hear it.