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Gran Turismo 5 to receive update and DLC next month

It has been nearly a year since the release of Gran Turismo 5 on the PS3, but in that time the game has yet to receive any additional, downloadable content. There have been plenty of updates and modifiers that brought things like HUD-less racing, online car dealers and several other things that tweaked the existing gameplay, but nothing additional.

For a game like Gran Turismo 5 that is so ridiculously packed with content, that might not be a big deal, but it was still a notable absence. But according to a recent tweet from GT5 producer Kaz Yamauchi, that will change next month.

GT fans, thanks for waiting… The GT5 Spec 2.0 update is coming the 3rd week of October, with DLC following a week later.

It isn’t clear what the Spec 2.0 update will be, but if it is anything like the previous updates—the first was over 600 MBs—then it should be significant. As for the DLC, no word at all.

The timing is hard to overlook. After nearly a year of downloadable silence, it hardly seems like a coincidence that Polyphony Digital is planning a DLC release the same month that its Xbox 360 rival and counterpart, Forza Motorsports 4, is released. Forza 4 hits shelves on October 11, and Turn 10 Studios have already announced six DLCs, a car pack available for download on launch day and even a season pass that will let you pay one discounted fee for all the upcoming add-ons.

Rubbing (at the checkout line) is racing, and apparently this race is far from over.

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