‘Grand Theft Auto V’ three-volume soundtrack available now

grand theft auto v three volume soundtrack out now on itunes spotify rsg gtav screenshot 152

There’s a lot of music in Grand Theft Auto V that has nothing to do with the game’s radio stations, and now you can hear it all in a single place. Rockstar Games released “The Music of Grand Theft Auto V” as a three-volume collection, available now on both iTunes and Spotify (for the most part; see below). For those that want to buy a digital copy, it’s $9.99 for an individual volume or $24.99 for all three together.

The first volume – titled “Original Music” – is a collection of track from an assortment of artists, all of whom debuted brand new recordings in GTA V. The second volume, “The Score,” is an album-length mix of the game’s dynamic score, which features contributions from Woody Jackson, Tangerine Dream, and Alchemist & Ohno. All of these tracks are mixed together by DJ Shadow, as Rockstar recently revealed. The third volume, “The Soundtrack,” is the only one that isn’t available on Spotify; it’s a selection of cuts pulled from the game’s various radio stations.

You can find volume one right here on Spotify and volume two right here. If you’re looking for the iTunes link, that one is right here.