Grey Goo pits humans and aliens against giant puddles of nanite goo

Grey Goo is a ground warfare real-time strategy game set in an all-new sci-fi universe. It’s from Petroglyph Studios, a team that includes some of the mind behind the Command & Conquer series. Grey Goo is a sharp-looking game cut from the traditional RTS mold, but it brings a few nifty ideas along as well.

The three-faction sci-fi setup immediately brings the StarCraft games to mind, and like the Blizzard favorites, there’s a big focus in this game on designing a base around the needs of your factions. Humans set up in fixed locations, with zippy resource harvesters and the ability to teleport great distances. The alien Betas rely on a much more modular design, establishing defensible outposts all around the map.

Then there’s the Goo… which is just a giant, roiling blob of nanites that oozes around the environment, building units by cutting off chunks of itself and gathering resources by absorbing them directly into the Mother Goo. It’s a faction unlike any we’ve seen in an RTS before, and its presence promises to mix up traditional strategies whether your using the Goo or defending against it.

Check out all three factions in this huge gallery of new screens from Petroglyph and read more about the game in our GDC preview.