Live The High Life in upcoming GTA Online update

gta online the high life update

Aspiring Los Santos moguls should get excited for the next update to Grand Theft Auto Online, rolling out Tuesday, May 13. The High Life update adds five new luxury options to the Los Santos real estate market, such as the stately Eclipse Towers or the Richards Majestic. You needn’t worry if you’ve grown too attached to your current pad though, because this update also brings the ability to own two distinct properties simultaneously. 

To fill out all that new garage space that comes with more property, the folks at Rockstar have also added three new cars and a motorcycle, all available for purchase in GTA Online from Legendary Motorsport and accessible from any garage in Story Mode. The High Life also adds “Non Contact” as an option for racing, which turns of collisions between players’ vehicles (though still of course allowing you to hit non-player traffic, structures, pedestrians, etc).

The more aggressive among you will be eager to pick up Ammu-Nation’s powerful new Bullpup Rifle. You’ll want to have it ready and keep an eye on the new Mental State meter, which tells you “just how passive or psychotically unhinged fellow players in your session really are.” The High Life also includes a bevy of new wardrobe options, vehicle horns, player toasts/celebrations, and 15 new jobs, including five new Contact Missions.