Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary adds ‘Headlong’ map from Halo 2


Tokyo Game Show is revving up to start right now, and news is flying out of Japan as a result. Here’s something you might like to hear about: Microsoft has revealed yet another of the classic maps to be featured in Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, which hits stores on November 15. “Headlong,” known in Anniversary as “Breakneck,” will let fans revisit the old Halo 2 map with new and improved visuals.

Here’s what MS had to say about the 8-16 player map:

Section 21 once looked out onto the New Mombasa Orbital Elevator with pride and optimism. Now, with much of the city eviscerated by the Covenant’s brutal assault, the skyline remains only a shattered ghost of what it once was. Headlong provides a large, skyscraper-hemmed construction site with numerous vantage points for clever snipers as well as a large central basin for excellent vehicle combat.

The press release also confirmed that “Pillar of Autumn,” the starting campaign level from the original Halo: CE is being demoed in Tokyo this week in its newly high-def form. 343 Industries added some more information about the upcoming mega-sized title update for Halo: Reach, as well.

The update, first revealed at Halo Fest a couple weeks ago, brings back old playlists as well as the original Halo: CE pistol for Reach‘s multiplayer. 343 will be running a beta test for the update starting October 4, an offer that will be open to all Xbox Live gold subscribers. The update will go live when Anniversary launches on 11/15, no surprise given that the upcoming game uses the Reach engine for its multiplayer mode.