Harmonix is going mobile in multi-game agreement with Tilting Point

harmonix going mobile multi game agreement tilting point

Music game developer Harmonix Music Systems (of Amplitude and Rock Band fame) has signed a multi-game agreement with mobile publisher Tilting Point. Harmonix will handle all of the creative work while Tilting Point will provide expert support in marketing, research, and customer support. In other words: Harmonix is going to be releasing some mobile games.

“We’ve known the guys at Tilting Point for years through EA Partners, and recently we began exploring ideas for games we’d like to work on together,” said Harmonix Chief Creative Officer and co-founder Alex Rigopulos in a press release. “Tilting Point has been instrumental in helping us to hone those ideas and to identify the ones that fit best with the mobile market.”

Harmonix has already begun development on the first game to come out of the partnership. It is, to no one’s surprise, “a music-influenced game designed for mobile platforms.” The studio released its first mobile game, Record Run, this past spring.

Since launching in 2013, Tilting Point has provided its publishing expertise to independently-developed mobile games like The Sleeping PrinceLeo’s Fortuneand Toy Rush. By signing with Tilting Point, Harmonix joins the likes of 1337 & Senri, Signal Studios, and Uber Entertainment.