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Hearthstone’s next adventure heads to Blackrock Mountain and mobile phones

Blackrock Mountain Cinematic Trailer
The next adventure for Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft is called Blackrock Mountain, Blizzard confirms. Much like the previous single player add-on, Blackrock translates one of World of Warcraft‘s most famous raids locations into a solo card game adventure. Blizzard revealed the expansion at PAX East 2015.

The presentation also included confirmation that Hearthstone will be coming to mobile phones, in addition to tablets in the “next couple of months.” This confirms promises made by Blizzard in late 2014 about a 2015 mobile release. Reddit captured and shared the following image of the new phone build being demonstrated.

hearthstone phone
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Blackrock Mountain follows the model established by Curse of Naxxramas in 2014. The adventure is broken up into five wings, which will be released over the course of five weeks. Each wing can be purchased individually for 700 gold or $7, or the whole set can be purchased as a discounted bundle. Pre-orders open on March 19, with the first wing rolling out simultaneously for all platforms in April.

Each wing contains a series of challenges and boss battles that utilize new and powerful cards against you. Defeating each boss unlocks the new cards for immediate use in your own decks. There are also heroic versions of every boss to complete once they have been defeated normally, and nine class-specific challenges that reward you with new cards for each particular class. All-in-all, 31 new cards await players that master Blackrock Mountain.

Blackrock is a fiery, volcanic mountain full of caves, dwarves, and dragons. Accordingly, many of the new cards feature or interact with the “dragon” sub-type. The raid location achieved some notoriety outside of the World of Warcraft community with a 2006 video showing a comically failed raid attempt in Blackrock Spire that tanks when a player named Leeroy Jenkins rushes headlong into battle, shouting his own name and completely ignoring the meticulous plan the other players spent minutes discussing.

It was one of the first memes to come out of the nascent YouTube. “Leroy Jenkins” has since been immortalized in geek lore, even showing up in Hearthstone as a powerful card.

Leeroy Jenkins
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