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‘One Night in Karazhan’ free prologue mission puts you in the mood to groove

World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade remains one of Blizzard’s best expansions, and perhaps the most memorable moment in the entire package was the raid Karazhan. It was filled with plenty of classic World of Warcraft humor and fantastic loot, and now you’ll be able to return to it in virtual card form with Hearthstone‘s latest expansion, One Night in Karazhan. Brace yourself: things are about to get funky.

“Come inside, meet your friends at the door. We’ve got a feast like you’ve never seen before,” says Medivh, who recently appeared as a character in the Warcraft film. “Sing dumb stuff to a musical beat. Play life-size chess, but don’t you dare cheat!”

Even if you don’t want to shell out any cash for the expansion, you’ll still be able to try out the prologue mission for free, and you’ll receive four free cards as a party gift: two “Enchanted Raven” cards, which are low-level minions, and two high-damage “Firelands Portal” spell cards.

In addition to new story missions, One Night in Karazhan includes new class challenges for all nine heroes that unlock special rewards, as well as the legendary card “Moroes.” New portal cards also allow you to summon “random minions” into play on the game board — it features a chemical lab, as well as the famous Karazhan opera house. Should you purchase the entire expansion or each of its individual “wings” within a week of launch, you’ll also receive a special “Karazhan Nights” card back.

One Night in Karazhan arrives on August 11 for $20, with each wing costing $7 on their own, and the timing couldn’t be better. Just a few weeks later, World of Warcraft players will get their hands on its latest expansion, Legion, which also features a famous character from The Burning Crusade: Illidan Stormrage.

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