Here’s all the PlayStation-only stuff that’s coming to Destiny in the new add-on

heres playstation stuff thats coming destiny new add dlc1  bonus strike

Destiny‘s first full downloadable content expansion, The Dark Below, adds a whole mess of new content to the game on December 9: We’re talking new story missions, new gear, a new Strike, a new Raid, and more. But Sony’s got a deal with publisher Activision that guarantees a few exclusive extras for those that play the game on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.

On top of all the other stuff, PlayStation users also get a new Strike cooperative mission set on Mars, as well as a handy new Exotic — the rarest class of gear in the game — shotgun. The Strike, called The Undying Mind, sends up to three players back into the Black Garden, the site of the game’s final story mission, in pursuit of a “Vex machine-beast.” The new boss, pictured above, resembles the shielded Vex Hydra enemy — a mega version of which is already a boss in one of the game’s existing Strikes — only this one is all green and vine-y.

The Exotic shotgun gives players an opportunity to rain apocalyptic hell down on their opponents. Called “The 4th Horsemen” (reference to the Bible’s horsemen of the apocalypse), this four-barreled shotty sports a five-shot clip and a higher rate of fire than most other shotguns in the game. It’s also got the Final Round buff, which imparts bonus damage to the final round fired in a clip, and the Return to Sender buff, which returns bonus ammo to the weapon’s magazine for each kill scored.

Destiny DLC1 - bonus shotty

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