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‘Hotline Miami’ has a new eight-part comic series, and it launches today

hotline miami wildlife hlmw preview 1
The world of Hotline Miami and its sequel, Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number, may look simple at first glance. Terrific pixel art, over-the-top violence, and a flashy ’80s aesthetic might be what draws you in initially, but the game’s dark examination of one man’s decision to cause hundreds of deaths — and your participation in the actions as the player — are what will keep you hooked. To further flesh out the world, DayJob studios released a Hotline Miami 2 comic last year, but the team is now moving into “expanded universe” territory.

Hotline Miami: Wildlife is described by DayJob as a “spinoff story in the Hotline Miami universe,” which follows a new protagonist named Chris.

The narrative will take fans of the Hotline Miami games to new locales and introduce new masked figures while exploring the dark and disturbing themes reminiscent of the series namesake,” DayJob says.

Curiously, even though there isn’t exactly a series bible or “lore,” the comic is not considered canon. That being said, it appears to grasp the tone of the games perfectly. A free preview of the first issue shows an armed intruder clad in a rabbit mask blasting his way through a crowded beach house. Blood covers the floor, with survivors pleading for their lives to no avail. After the gunman sits on the couch and begins smoking a cigarette, a mysterious figure points a gun at his head.

The comic just oozes ’80s, with a visible Darth Vader figure resting on a television and an NES visible in one of the house’s bedrooms. Its themes of self-control and the evil potential of humans, however, are still just as relevant in 2016.

Hotline Miami: Wildlife‘s first issue is now available for $2. A new issue will be released each month until January, and you can pre-purchase the entire series for $12 if you want a small discount.

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