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How to avoid The Last of Us Part II spoilers — including Ellie’s fate

The Last of Us Part II spoilers are spreading on social media, and gamers need to stay alert if they want their playthrough to remain untainted.

Hours of gameplay footage of began surfacing on YouTube on April 26. The videos were since removed, but several significant story moments and clips from the indefinitely delayed PlayStation 4 exclusive are still being spread.

While it’s now difficult to watch uncut footage following multiple removal requests, it’s still possible to read spoilers. Popular gaming forums such as ResetEra have full details of what to expect from the highly anticipated title. If you can’t wait for the game to release, it’s easy to seek out spoilers.

Digital Trends also reached out to developer Naughty Dog for additional comment but did not receive an immediate reply.

Here are the best ways to avoid The Last of Us Part II spoilers on social media:

Mute words on Twitter

Twitter has a built-in word muting function that’s easy to access. To find it, navigate to settings, click “privacy and safety,” select “muted,” and go to your list of flagged terms. Here you can mute hashtags, phrases, and words related to the game, like #TLOU2 and character names such as “Ellie,” “Abby,” and “Joel.” To be extra safe,  you can add the term “leak” and any variant of the game’s title.

Remove YouTube suggestions

YouTube can turn into quite the rabbit hole with the way it surfaces related videos. To avoid falling into a spoiler video, download a web browser extension, such as Remove YouTube Recommended Videos. This removes the autoplay feature along with the sidebar that appears when playing videos, which can seem innocuous until you come across one with a spoiler-including thumbnail or title.

Avoid Facebook posts

Facebook doesn’t allow you to mute specific words, so you’ll have to use an extension like Social Fixer for a similar experience. From there, you can go to options and create a custom list of word filters much like Twitter’s native option.

Remove Reddit spoilers

Reddit Enhancement Suite is already a great way to improve your experience on the site, but it also allows people to filter out specific words in post headlines. In options, go to “Filters,” then “FilteReddit,” and insert any keywords you want muted.

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