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How to get Powdermelon in Stardew Valley

Introduced in the massive 1.6 update to Stardew Valley, Powdermelon is a brand new crop to try your hand at growing. It’s the most interesting among the new additions due to the fact that it is one of the rarer winter crops. With this handy melon, you can keep your farm producing even in the snowy months, but you won’t find the seeds to start growing it in your general store. Get your soil and farming tools ready as we show you how to start growing this chilly melon.

How to get Powdermelons

A farmer in the winter in Stardew Valley.

Like any crop you can grow in Stardew Valley, Powdermelons come from seeds. Once you have a melon itself, you can easily get more seeds from it, so the tricky part is finding that first set of seeds. Luckily, you have two options.

The first is to wait until winter and go out searching for seeds. GLook for any grass and artifact spots in the snow. These appear randomly, so you just need to wander around until you come across one. When you do, start digging with your how to have a chance of getting some Powdermelon seeds.

The alternative method is to purchase Powdermelon Seeds from a new vendor. The raccoon will sell you various things once you trigger the quest involving the tree stump and get the message stating “there was a strong wind during the night.” When this happens, you can use 100 Hardword to build a house for the raccoon to live and set up shop in. After a few more tasks to complete the quest, he will start becoming a vendor who sells various items, including Powdermelon seeds for 2 Pine Cones. This second method requires a lot more work, but if it isn’t winter, it is your only option.

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