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How to respec in Palworld

Every time you level up in Palworld, you are given the chance to improve some aspect of your character. There isn’t necessarily a wrong way to build your character, but you only get so many points before you hit the level cap and might wish you had made some different choices when taking on the game’s tougher challenges, like catching the Legendaries. Some titles force you to live with how you spec your character, but Palworld is a little more lenient and does offer a way to redistribute all those points once you have a better idea of what you want. The process isn’t simple and will take some time and rare materials, so follow along to learn how to respec your character.

How to respec in Palworld

A memory wiping medicine in Palworld.

Respecing your Palworld character requires a special consumable called Memory Wiping Medicine, but there’s a big step you must take before you can craft one. First, you need to make an Electric Medicine Workbench, which requires you to hit level 43 and then find it in the Technology menu. This bench is made from:

  • 40 Refined Ingots
  • 10 Circuit Boards
  • 20 Carbon Fiber

If that sounds like a grind, just wait. Now that you can make the Memory Wiping Medicine, you need the following materials:

This is a one-time-use item, so make sure you’re sure you want to use it before chugging it down and wasting all those precious materials you spent making it. Also, note that this item doesn’t do anything if you feed it to a Pal except waste it, so don’t bother trying.

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