Infinity Blade iOS game to be released in arcades with a 46-inch screen

game developers eye ipad 2 as next gen console infinityblade

Infinity Blade is one of the most graphically impressive games available for iOS devices. The same would be true for other platforms if the Chair Entertainment-developed game weren’t an Apple exclusive. Really, Infinity Blade gives even HD console games a run for their money thanks to its gorgeous art design and lovingly rendered world. It’s no surprise then to learn that the game will soon be appearing on a much larger screen.

Infinity Blade FX, from Adrenaline Amusements, will bring the fantasy-infused Punch-Out-alike to arcades in a cabinet that sports a 46-inch touchscreen. It will make its debut this coming weekend in Park City, UT at the 2011 Gaming and Electronics Expo. The game will then start appearing at Dave & Buster’s locations around the country starting on October 28. Players will be able to use two hands to interact with the game, and the arcade cabinet will include multiplayer support.

The game will eventually follow previous TouchFX arcade releases of mobile hits Flight Control and Fruit Ninja into other locations. One of which will hopefully one day be my home. The arcade cabinet arrives roughly a month before Chair releases Infinity Blade 2 on December 1. It was announced just last week as yet another iOS exclusive at Apple’s iPhone 4S unveiling.