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Get 'Inside' and 'Limbo' together as a physical set this September

INSIDE Trailer 2016
Playdead has created some of the greatest puzzle-platforming games of all time, with the studio’s eerie worlds and emergent gameplay mechanics remaining hugely influential on other independent studios. If you haven’t had a chance to try out Limbo or its successor Inside, you will now be able to purchase them together as a physical set.

Publisher 505 Games will release the two games as the “Inside/Limbo Double Pack” in September. In addition to the games, the package will also include an “art card” — presumably a lithograph of some sort — as well as a limited-edition poster. The package will retail for $30 in the United States, which is about the same price you can expect to purchase the digital games separately.

Limbo originally launched for Xbox 360 in 2010 before making its way to pretty much every system, including the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, and PC. Its storytelling is entirely environmental, with no dialogue and little in the way of exposition. As you encounter obstacles, dying or failing is just a way of learning how to conquer a challenge in your next attempt, but the game’s creepy black-and-white visuals and dark themes make it truly unsettling.

Inside, meanwhile, uses many of the same basic gameplay principles, but it tells a much more sophisticated, political story — again, it does all of this without characters speaking a single word. Over the course of the four or so hours it will take you to complete it, you encounter elements that border on the supernatural, as well as an ending that is so out-of-left-field that we’re still not entirely sure what it means.

Former Playdead CEO Dino Patti recently left the company in order to pursue independent development elsewhere. His first project is called Somerville, developed with former Ninja Theory animator Chris Olsen. While the game’s teaser trailer does not tell us very much, we figure that going in blind will be the best way to experience the game.

The Inside/Limbo Double Pack will be available in the United States at “select retailers” on September 12, with a European release to follow on September 15. The set does not appear to be coming to PC.

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