Irrational says goodbye with a look at BioShock Infinite’s second Burial at Sea DLC

irrational says goodbye look bioshock infinites second burial sea dlc infinite at episode 2

The upcoming release of BioShock Infinite‘s second Burial at Sea DLC is an important moment for the series, what with Irrational Games shutting down and creator Ken Levine moving on to the next phase of his career. A major chapter in the ongoing BioShock story is about to close, and departing Irrational devs celebrate that in a new, five-minute look at the March 25 DLC drop.

Note: You may encounter some spoilers, especially if you want to know absolutely nothing, but the focus here is really on letting Irrational team members share the bits that they’re most proud of.

The video is a mix of in-game (pre-release) footage and talking heads interviews. In a classy twist, each nameplate that identifies the speaker also includes contact info, be it a Twitter account, personal website, or similar. All of these talented folks are looking for work now that Irrational’s run is over, and this video is as much a recruitment pitch as it is a DLC preview.