Is Resident Evil 6 going to China?

resident evil raccoon city and asuras wrath given release dates operation 1Next year will see a pair of new Resident Evil games hit shelves with Resident Evil: Revelations on the Nintendo 3DS and Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City (shown above) for the PC and consoles, but one title we haven’t heard much about thus far is the next top-level, numerical release, Resident Evil 6.

With Resident Evil 4 set in Europe and Resident Evil 5 in Africa, it stands to reason that Resident Evil 6 will unfold in a new country — and now there’s some evidence pointing to China as the next place Umbrella Corp. will try its bio-weapon shenanigans.

Gaming website The Silent Chief discovered a listing for Resident Evil 6 on the online resume of voice actress Wendy Mok, who was listed as playing a “Chinese Villager/Zombie” in the upcoming game. After outlets began picking up the story, Mok’s profile was quickly edited to remove the description of her RE6 role. The profile was later removed altogether.

This is the second such listing to have appeared on a voice actor’s resume lately, though Mok’s is the first to include a role description. Earlier this week, voice actor Joe Cappalletti also posted an online resume that listed Resident Evil 6 among his recent projects.

Still, with two Resident Evil games planned for 2012, we’re probably a long way off from seeing Resident Evil 6 hit shelves. Of course, that just leaves us plenty of time for speculation — and plenty of time to find more hints popping up around the ‘net.